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Re: for inquiring minds who want to know....

karen standefer
Thanks Maggie.  I had found that site year when I was researching the
barefoot stuff.  I believe there are a couple of more articles like that.
I took them all into account when I was making my decision....weighed the
logic of both sides.

Definitely, both sides of the story should be investigated.

Thanks for your research.


--- Maggie Mieske <> wrote:
> I am including here for those interested in reading
> it a link to the Hoof Care and Lameness website
> where one can read the warning from the
> International League for the Protection of Horses
> concerning Strasser's methods (not just the barefoot
> stuff) and ALSO statements from various individuals
> (including Strausser herself) and assocations adding
> their views both pros and cons.  Since we want to be
> well educated in regards to how we care for our
> horses, I hoped these additional statements might
> help.
> I am sending this in the spirit of sharing as anyone
> who has been on Ridecamp any length of time already
> knows that I am a farrier's wife, that my husband
> and I believe in treating every horse as an
> individual (in every aspect of its care), that we
> have some horses with shoes and some without and
> that we do not advocate the Strasser trim or any ONE
> method of trimming/shoeing or otherwise caring for
> horses.
> Maggie

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