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Chronicle commentary

I want to thank Steve for posting the article from the Chronicle of 
the Horse by John Strassburger, editor of the magazine.  John 
spent several days before and during the PAC talking to riders, 
chefs, vets, officials, etc.  This was his first "up-close-and-
personal" experience with endurance riding and he picked up on 
the issues at hand right off.  He hopes to ride the SC 50 this 
November so he can REALLY get a feel for the sport.  Isn't it great 
to have someone that interested in what we do!  John understands 
that having a voice in one's sport is critical to it's future, and if you 
have read The Chronicle, he lives up to just that.  One of the points 
made in Vermont was that a championship ride need not be loops 
back to the same hold in order to be fair to all.  In fact, we 
demonstrated that on-trail crewing could also be fair not to mention 
a benefit to the horses.  I am hoping that those who came to 
Vermont saw that we did not have to give up our sport just to have 
a FEI championship ride.  Kudos to those that helped keep the 
Vermont tradition of endurance riding intact for the PAC!!
John and Sue Greenall

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