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Re: Re: RE: RE: Bibliographies on Barefoot Info for Sue, Truman, etc.

Karen Standefer said:
"It's not just trimming the hooves correctly.  It
means natural boarding, no blankets, no leg wraps, free choice to
foods/minerals, lots of movement, etc."

My response:

I'm not sure what you mean by "natural boarding", but my horses are not
stalled.  They do have access to a loafing shed.  I keep them in corrals at
night just to keep them from gorging too much on the good pasture I have.
They have no blankets, no leg wraps, free choice to minerals, lots of
movement.  Not sure what what you mean by "free choice to food"... mine get
free choice grass 10 to 12 hours a day & beet pulp with a touch of "sweet
feed" (& broughm hay during the winter) when they are off the grass.

And they are shod.  And they are thriving.  So how important is the
barefoot/shod issue in this equation?

Susie Jones
AERC# 7997
Miami, NM

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