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why would shoeing be cruel?

ok, probably making trouble here, but I don't see why in the world shoeing a 
horse would be considered cruel?  The nails do not hurt the horse so what is 
the problem?

Mystery has rock hard feet and spent the first 6 years of his life shoeless 
in a 100 acre hilly pasture.  His feet are still rock hard but I found years 
ago if I had him barefoot he would get very deep rock bruises which didn't 
come out for months.  Plus, arena sand works like sandpaper and ate away at 
his heels.  So is it cruel to protect him from yearly abcesses or worn 
heels?  I think not...

All because you can only see one variable in an equation doesn't mean others 
don't exist.  Common sense has to take into account that maybe my horse 
doesn't sweat or doesn't have flies because of something you aren't thinking 
of, like better condition, cooler weather, that nest of sparrows..something 
that has a correlation.  In my opinion, saying it is because your horse 
doesn't wear shoes is like saying because his fly mask is green this summer 
instead of blue!

And those of you who have flamed Susan, shame on you!

Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab)

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