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IntNewsGroup:FEI European Open Championship, Italy

Hi all, here is a small report from Italy, copied from their homepage:

29, September: Fausto Fiorucci wins the FEI European Championship and HH
Sheik Rashid bin Mohammed wins the open competition.
It was a spectacular day for Italy and the FEI European Endurance
Championship Open 2001 in Castiglione del Lago. Fausto Fiorucci of Italy
riding his horse Faris Jabar was the winner of the Gold Medal for the
European Championship in a ride time of 8:21:04 for the 160 km (100
miles)ride and HH Sheik Rashid bin Mohammed al Maktoum won the Gold Medal
for the Open Competition in a ride time of 8:20:54 aboard Provocative owned
by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Fausto Fiorucci actually crossed the finish line in third place behind HH
Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed al Maktoum and HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed al
Maktoum, the sons of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crowned
Prince of Dubai and Minister of Defense.
It was difficult to tell which of the two riders from the United Arab
Emirates (UAE) won because they finished the ride with their hands held
together in the air and the horses only inches apart. Since there were two
competitions, Fiorucci won the bronze medal for finishing third in the open,
in addition to his European Championship Title.
Fiorucci was so emotional about winning the Championship that he dropped the
reins and raised both arms in the air waving to the cheering crowd on the
sidelines while galloping down to the finish line. He was then carried off
the field by the his teammates once he dismounted. It was truly an emotional
moment for Fiorucci.
”The win was very big because for me,” Said Fiorucci. “For a while there was
a question as to whether the championship would even happen because of the
tragedy in the United States. I am very happen that it did take place
because I think the sport can help with the problem in the world.”
The silver and bronze medallists of the European Championship are: Marc
Comas of Spain riding Ombra in a ride time of 8:24:33 and Hansjorg Bendiner
of Switzerland aboard Kamaya finishing with a ride time of 8:41:47. There
was a total of 82 starters from 24 nations.
The top ten placings that include both the European Championship and Open
competition are:
1. Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum (UAE)/Provocative 8:20:54
2. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum (UAE)/ Dynamik 8:20:55
3. Fausto Fiorucci (ITA)/Faris Jabar 8:21:04
4. Marc Comas (ESP)/Ombra 8:24:33
5. Dato Kamaruddin Abdul Ghani (MAS)/Ebene Armor 8:35:13
6. Hansjorg Bendiner (SUI) /Kamaya 8:41:47
7. Ana Luisa Meirelles (BRA)/Piccolo Shitan 9:18:00
8. Elisbath Font (ESP)/Careta 9:18:35
9. Angel Lazes (FRA)/Ismael d’Aubanel 9:25:52
10. Emmanuelle Bellefroid (FRA)/Antinea de Nautiac 9:28:04

More results aren't available, but maybe on Monday. I read that Jan
Worthington was among the starters.

Endurance Trainer&Consulter

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