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Re: Slower Ld's

Here's a thought---If you encounter rude and/or dangerous riders on the trail at a ride...take it upon yourself to do your best to find out their numbers and tell ride management.  We can bitch and complain all we want but it does no good long after the fact.
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Sent: Sunday, January 21, 2001 2:51 PM
Subject: RC: Slower Ld's

I've been reading the trend on this and I must say that yes there is LDr's
out there that raise thru these things but I can say from experience that the
50 milers can be just as bad and dangerous, I did my first ride back in
Warner Springs came in last my horse was coming back from an injury 6 months
prior and about 3 miles out here comes the  top ten 50 milers at a full run
never slowed down I had to scramble from the trail and my mare reared up
twice that is how upset they got her, do you think these 50 milers gave a dam
no they didn't even bother to look back.
We could had had a serious accident on the trail and they would have not
cared, so if we are going to slow the 25 milers down or penalize them for  
going fast let's do the same to the 50 milers they are just as dangerous on
the trail.
Sorry if this upsets some people but that is the truth so no flaming just
putting my opinion outhere right along with everybody else.

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