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I believe that those who did this act of war and those that celebrated it
and support it should all face the same punishment. Because there is no
difference between those who carried it out and those who wished they would

The immediate assumption made was that this was the work of the ubiquitous
"Arab Terrorists", and maybe, just maybe that assumption isn't correct. They
made the same assumption when McVeigh blew up the Federal Building in
Oklahoma City and they were wrong. What if those who are so quick to call
this an act of war (granted in scope they are perfectly right) decide  to
retaliate only to find that they've retaliated against the wrong people?
Would you still make your previous statement? First, find out who did it.
Don't let yourself be manipulated by the press. So far I haven't seen any
evidence that it was, in fact, Arabs. Having lived in the Middle East for
the last fifteen years and seen how "Arab terrorism" usually ends up, I find
the idea that Arabs pulled that one off just short of ludicrous. Most of the
Arab terrorism that we went through in Egypt ended up with a few policemen
killed and that horrible incident at Luxor which would have been a massacre
of Egyptian university students had not one of them gotten into an argument
with the bus driver and delayed their arrival at Hatshepsut's temple. Be
careful what you wish on people, sometimes it comes back to you.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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