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From: "Maryanne Stroud Gabbani" >
> The immediate assumption made was that this was the work of the ubiquitous
> "Arab Terrorists", and maybe, just maybe that assumption isn't correct.

My reply:

Here's a bestseller scenario:  If I wanted to get rid of some country, some
group in some country - let's just call them "my enemy" - if I wanted to
start a war with my enemy but didn't want to fight that war myself for some
reason (maybe I didn't have the numbers - people or military might or money,
or maybe the support of my own people or international support ) one great
plan would be to attack a big strong country like the US that could
obliterate my enemy and make it look like my enemy it.

I can think of many parties in this world that could fit right into this
bestseller of mine - as "me" and as "my enemy".

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