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American Horse Council/ Was Sierra Club

Heidi and Lif,
 The AHC has for the very first time ever set up a recreation
committee which advises them on issues facing equine trail use.  I am 
the representative on the committee and represent our(the AERC) 
interests in trail preservation.  In this coming
issue of the Endurance News you will see where we are still missing 
trail advocates in some states.
If any of you out there are interested in low pay, horrible hours, 
hard work on work days, meetings that go on and on and on, a never 
ending attack from the greenies and a whole lot of satisfaction, then 
give me a call an become one of our respected trail advocates.
Jerry Fruth
AERC Trails Chairman

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>> > > Did you all know that horse owners/people involved with the
>> > horse industry total more than 7 million in America alone?
>> > What a voice we would have if we could just come together
>> > for the good of the "industry
>> It would be easier to unite if the American Horse Council didn't 
cost so
>> much.  Last time I was a member it was $100/year.  Is AERC a 
member?  AERC
>> could represent us - we already pay them!
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