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RE: RE: Re: RE: Sierra Club?

Thanks, Barbara!  I knew that there was a cooperative venture with the bicyclists and I am glad that you know the specifics as you explained here.
I have to admit, though, I am ocassionally a RENEGADE rider, and ride in the dark being chased by headlights from the Park Ranger!  My favorite night riding memory is seeing the Hale-Bopp comet from Arastradero Preserve.

Perhaps you are aware that the bicyclists joined forces with the horsemen to acquire the right of way to connect Henry Cowell Park with Grey Whale and Wilder Park.  The City Council, staffed at the time with some pretty die-hard anti-horse people, finally yielded to the pressure and allowed ROW.  My brother-in-law and his wife built the U-Con trail from Grey Whale, through UCSC to Henry Cowell that allows access to all that riding area, and allows the Fireworks ride to exist.  The occasional bicyclist is not considerate, but I think most are
That's why, to me, when all the trails are closed, when they tell us we can go there no longer with our horse, I will take that final option.  And I will take it till they pry the reins from my cold dead hands (which won't be easy to do since I seem to be getting a touch of arthritis in them lately).  That option is RENEGADE RIDER.  I will ride, or I will die while attempting to ride; I care not what the stupid law says.
Howard (the Sierra Club can go pound sand)
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