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Re: RC: advice for girth sore

--- wrote:
> Dorothy Clement
> On August 4 I rode my horse for 4 hours beginning in
>  preparation for a 25
> miler.  When I returned to the
> barn I noticed large bumps on her back and the girth
> area had 2 golf size
> bumps that were tender when touched. 

Glad to hear the bumps are going down.  BAD NEWS... 
Bumos on her back were probably due to pressure.  You
don't say where, but if in the wither area, the saddle
is likely too narrow for her.  

The bumps in the girth area - where are they?  If just
to the rear of the girth, you have cut off the lymph
circulation with a too-tight girth.  If elsewhere, ???
 Need more info.

Sounds like you'll be fiddling with tack for a bit. 
Most folks find that as they move up in distance and
time in the saddle, the tack that used to work starts
to show problems.

Good luck solving this.  Hope you don't need a new
saddle, but I've never been fond of a hunt saddle with
jumoing tendencies for distance riding.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
West Virginia

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