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Re: RC: advice for girth sore

Your horses condition was MUCH worse than mine. My horse had only been
ridden an hour or so at a time, but had bad rub type sores. My local tack
shop had recommended a Neoprene girth and another Endurance rider who was
present suggested Bickmore's Gall Salve. I don't know about the lumps,
but the open sores healed up nicely with the gall salve under the
Neoprene girth. 
 I have been told by the list, some horse have an allergic reaction to
the Neoprene, so keep an eye open for that if you choose to use the
Neoprene girth. I have not ridden more than an hour since I got the
girth, but I believe that it will be just fine with my girl. :0) Good

In His Hands,
Lisa P.
The Aussies:Possum, Boomer, Dusty, and Barley
Chat room ICQ #111639534

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