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TRAILS Harrisburg,PA Protest Rally results!!

debbie zanot
Just reading alittle about Shore to Shore in Michigan..What a wonderful
ride that Gene and I didn't get to go to. We were in Harriburgh, PA.
riding in our Protest Rally on the Pennsylvania Game Commission that has
closed down some PGL already and has BIG plans for the rest of the state
targeting horse back riders and mountain bikers.
We had a great turnout for a rally planned in 3 weeks...108 horses
showed...Guess how many endurance riders? Pat Olivia and her
daughter,Loretta Wazelle and her grandson Chub, Gene and myself. Great
turnout..6 endurance riders.
Thank you Pat..luv ya gal!Pat doesn't even live in PA. but she came
Elk Valley Ride (NE) is history folks. I am a marked woman. The PGC will
for sure stop the Elk Valley Ride, it is history unless I can make new
trails on State Forest and find a new place to have it...I don't think it
is worth the energy it takes.
Battle Hollow on Labor Day weekend is going to die too. It is a shame it
is only in its second year. Why don't you folk go support that ride BIG so
Dori Skarbek (RM) knows the effort was appreciated. That leaves how many
PA.endurance  rides left??
I am very very very bummed...thought I would whine some.
Unless we get some powerful politically savvy people to help here in PA.
we will loose this issue with the PGC. They are a well funded agency that
answers to noone.
debbie z.
ps.My new career(unpaid)is going to be hound the PGC til one of us dies.
Hey Howard what are you doing in Sept????

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