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Re: Re: CA horses etc.

Does anyone else get "looks" when the horse is wet from pool to tail from
sponging? (And their horses are sluggish and out of condition, just starting
their ride, slogging along in the mid-day heat and humidity at the same time
we're calling it a day.) I've gotten so paranoid, I've started keeping my
sponge on my left side so other riders can see it. I guess that assumes that
the other riders know why I carry one. We all know what happens when a
person assumes...

Deanna (Ohio)

>Many times I have been told, "Look how your horse is sweating.  Gee, he must
>be tired."  I try to explain patiently that there is little connection
>between sweating and fatigue.  And that the really scary situation is when
>your horse is working hard and he DOESN'T sweat.

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