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mean horse

Hi all,
I have a question about my gelding. He's mean... I'm not sure how else to 
put it. When I ride with others, he pins his ears and swishes  his tail and 
all those other horsey curse words at the other horses. But I've noticed 
that it's different levels of mean. At endurance rides, he pins his ears 
when other horses come up on us, and sometimes he'll get over it, other 
times, he'll continue to hate a particular horse. With his pasture mates at 
home, he's mean, REAL mean, or doesn't care one way or another, depending on 
the horse. I take this as a 'pecking order' thing, he wants other horses to 
know that he's dominate horse I guess, but I don't like it! How do I get him 
to be nice?  He never tries to bite or kick at strange horse, but he LOOKS 
real intimidating. Most of the time, other horses pretty much ignore him, 
I've only run into a few that are just as onry. The funny thing too is that 
he would rather be with another horse on the trail, sometimes I can't even 
get him to leave a pack, but he'll continue to pin his ears and be mean. He 
hasn't always been this way either. Seems like this crankiness started this 
year. Any body else ever have the same experience? I'm not sure what to do.
Thanks!  Brittany

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