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Re: RE: saddle i.d.

For may years I have enclosed a Lost and Found list with results of our
rides to all the entrants.  We used to find some really great
stuff.....jackets primarily, but also sweatshirts, tights, etc.  I'm wearing
a great pair of black tights left a couple of years ago; they had a hole in
one leg, which I stitched with my sewing machine set on zigzag.  They're
absolutely sound, and so nice to wear.  Our daughter is still wearing a
great corduroy jacket that was left here about ten years ago.  Often times,
people won't claim items, or they don't want to pay the cost of the
Incidentally, at Swanton Pacific this year, we have three items not yet

1 tan baseball cap with an embroidered patch on the front .... eidelweiss
and the word "Switzerland."

1 dark grey long-sleeved rib knit women's T-shirt, size L (this could be a
girl's size, as it is small for a size L). "Energie" brand.

1 black long sleeve knit junior's mock turtleneck T-shirt, size S,
"Ellemenno" brand.

If anyone reads this and claims an item, I will return it after pre-paid
shipping cost of $3 per item.  Other wise, I have two granddaughters who are
drooling after those T-shirts!

Barbara McCrary
Ride manager, Swanton Pacific 75/100
Davenport, CA

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> > What kind of person would stead a cooler with a rider's
> > horse's name and event name on it?  A non-endurance person, I'd bet.<
> True, but there is a flip side to this.  You would not believe the number
of items I've packed around from ride to ride (sometimes for two or three
seasons) that have been left at rides of mine and not claimed.  If they have
a rider's name on them, one can contact the rider, at least, but I've had
some REALLY nice clothes, horse coolers from rides, food coolers, etc. left
at checks and never claimed.  (On the other hand, some riders will call
three or four times to see if you found some minute item that was lost on
the trail...)
> Heidi
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