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Re: RC: Re: Tevis trip

Funny, there have been times when people have tied to tell me that our rather
pretty straight Egyptian stallion and our several beautiful mares can't
possibly do endurance, some even asking me why I would "waste" a perfectly
good straight Egyptian on such a thing:). sigh! Ignorance may be 'bliss' but
it is still, first and foremost, ignorance. They don't know that he has a
22RHR, 8" bone AND is also a proven show horse! Best of all, my daughter ride
shim about town bareback in a halter - or in the arena in a wire - over
fences! So much for wasting a perfectly good Egyptian!

Conversely, while pretty is as pretty does, ugly is still ugly, and Arabians
SHOULD look like Arabians - not Saddlebred, not Thoroughbreds, not Quarter
Horses.....not to say that those horses are ugly - I have had at least one of
each - but if I WANTED one of those I would go GET one, not try to make
Arabians into one. In any case, Arabians ARE the premier endurance horse, are
they not? Doesn't hurt to try to keep the pretty in them as well.

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