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Re: RC: Alum Creek CTR vs.Fort Valley LD

This is true.  However, we have found a way to help a bit.  what our organization
(AHAO) has started doing is sending riders out in groups if they choose.  Say the
rides are going out in 1 minute intervals, and 2 or 3 people want to ride together,
they tell the timer ahead  (usually after the ride meeting the night before the
ride) and they go out together.  Then the timer waits that number of minutes to send
the next group out.   Or if a person prefers, they can go alone too.  And if someone
is really uncertain, they can request to go out near the end.
But you're right, which is best will depend on training and personal preference.
Just like to see someone make a decision having all of the facts!  I've only ever
ridden CTR but have worked a lot of endurance rides, and I think these days since
I'm just out there to play and have fun I would prefer the LD format.  But both have
their good points.

Truman Prevatt wrote:

> There is good news and bad news about "each horse starting out one at a time."
> Some inexperienced horses - especially if they are spirited - can get upset with
> this format of always a horse a short distance in front of them to go catch.

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