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Re: RC: Alum Creek CTR vs.Fort Valley LD

on 8/14/01 4:13 PM, Truman Prevatt at wrote:

> There is good news and bad news about "each horse starting out one at a time."
> Some inexperienced horses - especially if they are spirited - can get upset
> with this format of always a horse a short distance in front of them to go
> catch.

Ah, but what a training opportunity!! <bg> I actually like CTR as prep for
endurance because of this exact reason. Another good reason to play "leap
frog" at home.

> The other issue is in some CTR organizations, the time gate is pretty fast -
> like max time of 4.5 hours for a 25 vs. 6 in an LD.

B-b-b-u-t the person can always just take time penalties if the time is too
fast. All that happens is that they've taken themselves out of any chance of
placing. Take 6 hours; you'll still be vetted through and still get
soundness and metabolic information on your scorecard.

> Myself, I perfer the very first rides on a new horse to be an LD, starting 20
> minutes back - after every one has left and taking as long as it makes sense
> to do a nice trail ride with a vet check thrown in.. I also like to get off
> and walk either to calm a new horse down or to stretch my legs. That also
> points  me toward endurance vs. CTR. But to each their own.

But for the total novice to the sport, the CTR scorecard provides a lot of
info and you can see how the condition of your horse stacks up to everyone

I'll tell you what, I'll take LD/endurance any day if I'm helping and not
riding. I can rattle off the volunteer tasks that are easier in the
LD/endurance format, and there are many of them.


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