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Re: horse sale ads...good home?

It is something I take very seriously, not amusing at all IMO.

Yes, I *AM* picky who I sell my 'babies' to.  I have, and will if needed in
the future, 'decline' a purchase offer, regardless of price.  No, I'm not a
'collector', we brought and bred to a limited number and now only bred to
replace those that have moved on.  I bred two last year and sold them both
as weanlings. - to *approved* homes.

I've never had to be confrontational with anyone, but I have discouraged
sales and helped people find more suitable horses if I felt they were a
'good home', but not a match for what I had.

Reasons I've declined or not pursued sales include; the potential buyer
expecting a 2yo to be started under saddle; the potential buyer concerned
only about the mares color and the color of her ancestors; and unsuitable
facilities, specifically, a lot of horses in a small, unclean area(s) with
no turnout.  I also pointed some *excellent home* buyers to another ranch
after talking to them about their breeding program.  They have a colt of
mine, and I'd love them to have as many of mine as they'd like, but the
filly they were looking at (for a broodmare prospect) wasn't a good match
for their stallion.

I'll be polite if possible, I don't consider that 'weaseling', but I'll do
the best I can to get my foals in "good homes"

Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
Huffman's Arabians ~ The Original Series ~

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  The Great Oz has spoken."
The Wizard of Oz

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Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 3:11 PM
Subject: RC: horse sale ads...good home?

> <<<Being I have been looking at horse ads lately, I find one phrase sort
of > amusing. "Good Home Only". Now I was just wondering, by putting those
words > in the ad, do you think you will discourage those who will not give
the > horse a good home from calling? >>>
> That's weasel language that allows the seller to pick and choose who they
> want to sell to, regardless if the potential buyers meets the price.  The
> way the law works, if you advertise anything for sale, without onditions,
> and someone meets your price, you must sell.  They would beable to take
you > to court to force performance as well.  When you put words like, "to a
good > home only", "to a perfect home", etc.  then even if they meet your
price, > you can legally refuse to sell to them.> > Carolyn Burgess

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