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Re: RC: horse sale ads...good home?

<<<Being I have been looking at horse ads lately, I find one phrase sort of 
amusing. "Good Home Only". Now I was just wondering, by putting those words 
in the ad, do you think you will discourage those who will not give the 
horse a good home from calling? >>>

That's weasel language that allows the seller to pick and choose who they 
want to sell to, regardless if the potential buyers meets the price.  The 
way the law works, if you advertise anything for sale, without conditions, 
and someone meets your price, you must sell.  They would beable to take you 
to court to force performance as well.  When you put words like, "to a good 
home only", "to a perfect home", etc.  then even if they meet your price, 
you can legally refuse to sell to them.

Carolyn Burgess

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