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Re: horse sale ads...good home?

Just talked to a friend who wished she'd put 'to a good home' in her ad.

She's got this 'cowboy' (quotes on purpose) looking seriously at her baby
and she's trying to get him to go away.

She knew she was in trouble when the guy said 'you been babying this horse
too much!' when she asked him to take it easy on his mouth.

There are people out there who think nothing of riding a horse really,
really hard a few years and then discarding it when it's 'wore out' i.e. has
navicular, founder, torn tendons and tongue and is just totally run to bits
after being dragged from rodeo to rodeo with little or no care.

I'm in CTR because I know two dozen people with horses they've been riding
more than ten years that are in better shape now than they were as

I also know another dozen people who think a horse is 'too old' at eight.  I
don't associate with them if I can at all help it.

When I go to look at a horse, I tell the seller what I'm looking for up
front.  If your horse can trot for several hours continuouly, doesn't mind
being trailered all over hell's half acre and can spend more than one night
tied to that trailer, it'll be babied all the rest of the time.  And I've
had people tell me 'I don't think my horse would be happy doing that' and
that's fine. 

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