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Alum Creek CTR vs.Fort Valley LD



Sorry I dont know anything about the Fort Valley ride, but Alum Creek State
Park are my "home" trails.

I'm riding CTR in prep for endurance. The Alum Creek ride is run under AHAO
CTR rules which are very close to IAHA rules (and very different from
NATRC). I think Mickie gave you the AHAO URL so you could look up the rules.

Here's the deal: CTR is a fitness contest, you can't have anyone helping
you, you can't make any forward progress unless you're mounted, you can't
use anything artificial on your horse (no boots, no ice, no salves, etc.) LD
is a training distance for endurance (no minumum time and a maximum time of
6 hours), you can have crew, you can get off of your horse, etc. Our CTR
scorecard provides a lot of info that the LD scorecard doesn't which is why
I like starting with CTR. Also, CTR sends each horse out one at a time. That
can be a good idea for some horses and riders who want to start and end up
in all the same number of pieces.

The temps will be cool here in Ohio that time of year, so the Alum CTR ride
will be paced so you have to boogie anytime the footing is good. (We don't
trot slowly, Howard!!) I wouldn't worry about this CTR being paced too slow
for anyone. There are lots of ups and downs through gullies on these trails
and they are mostly single track and knee-knockers. (I love 'em.)

The trails at Alum Creek go through a wooded area and around a reservoir.
Lots of gullies and downed trees. (Good for those of us who like to jump!)
Very pretty in the fall.

Mickie overstated the rain hazard. Can't say that I blame her -- the last
time the ride was held (2 years ago), it rained steadily from midnight on
and continuously through the ride. This was after a long dry spell and the
trails are mostly clay, so the trails were quite slick and treacherous. That
ride scared a lot of seasoned riders. (I didn't ride that year -- my mare
was barely 4 and not physically or mentally able to take on that trail.)

As long as the trails are given a few hours to drain, they're perfectly
fine. You won't find me out there in the rain, however.

I've done a few CTRs on my young mare, and other borrowed horses, and this
is one is about an intermediate level (depends what trails are used for the
ride -- one loop is definitely more exciting). Of course, if you're just
going for experience and to see some new trails, don't be afraid to take
time penalties!!

You might like the LD format better to start with because you have up to 6
hours to do 25 miles and you can have crew.

If you're considering doing LD and already thinking about coming to Ohio,
there's an endurance/LD/CTR near Zanesville at the beginning of October.

Let me know if you want any more info!!


>Hi all,
> I'm a newbie, and I'm looking to go on my first ride in
>October. I have been doing LSD conditioning on my 8 y/o
>Arab (Scott) for a few months now. I believe we'll both be
>ready for a short ride by October.
> So here's my question; what's the big difference between
>limited distance and competetive trail? The two rides we're
>trying to choose between are the Alum Creek 15/30 CTR in OH
>on Oct. 27th, and the Fort Valley Limiteds 25 miler in VA
>on Oct. 26th. 
> I would also like to hear from anyone who has been on
>these rides, what they thought of them, ect. Thanks!

~~*Bethany & Tony*~~

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