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id tags, ups and downs

carla lawson
My horses Id tag will say the following. her name, home address and this
following statement:
If you are reading this I probably lost my mom...just retrace my steps
back...if she is walking
don't approach her just tell her where I am...I may be here I may not. If
she is in a tree cut her
down for dad will ya? if She appears to be deceased just throw some dirt
on her, tell the proper
atthorities and tell dad he can buy that ferrari he wants.

Ups and Downs...Just a few days ago I was all giddy with excitement that
Ansata was going to
make her maiden voyage on the Spook Run 25.  WElllllll...I guessed I
gushed to soon. It appears I
am loosing yet another employee....Vital enough to make me cancel our
plans. However...We are still
going to plan to attend and pray we can replace her soon. I should feel
crushed after I learned this
but instead I shrugged it off as if nothing bothered me even tho it did
deep inside. I am getting sooo
used to employees just up and quiting for no reason.. Comes with the
territory, there is not much
ambition out there anymore. But instead of dwelling in it I went home and
rode my horse for my two
delegated hours. I realized then upon the back of my goofy horse that this
was my own little world at
the time and that NO ONE can come in and bother me. Ansata has a neat
little way of getting my total
attention. I'm sorry did I say my little world..what was I thinking...its
Ansatas world. We worked some
arena work tonight. She was very jiggy and prancy...not realizing that all
the work I have been doing
pretty much was doused in the toilet today...But we will of course resume
training even if we don't get
to go in November. Why...well for once I am actually seeing some results
of riding more than one day
a week. But the biggest results is the newfound bravery I have. It was
lost somewhere in a field in
Alabama. But now...oh honey....oh baby....YES we are BACK!!!!!!!! I can
ride again... I can fly again. I can
blaze that Damn trail. I am back to taking hills down at a trot steep uns
too! I just felt that yesterday
its coming back to me...oh boy are you guys in trouble if We ever get to
show up. But for now....we will
just sit and wait patiently. You know like aligators...waitin patiently
for some kid to float down the
river on that innertube... So here I am talking some smack...but waiting
patiently for my ride to come.
oh well life has its ups and downs.
Carla (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee)
Ansata (hang on mom here we GOOOOOoooooooooooo)
Haley (I will just stay in this rut...I am happy)
Rob (you did WHAT??? ON WHO?? WHERE???)

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