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Things to know about the new members online services

We now have something like 55% of the active AERC members with email addresses
in the office database and that is growing as more members update their 
personal and horse information on-line at

or you can reach it from the AERC page at

Things to note once you are at the site.

1.  In trying to activate their personal login - people forget to include the 
M with their AERC number if they have joined after 1995.

2.  If you have an email address longer than 30 characters - don't update that 
field.  We can also get your address from the login.

3.  The data from 1985 to 1995 is more accurate for the endurance results than the 
LD results.  In fact some of the LD results are really off in dates.  and a few of the 
50s are off.  Note that the 1985-94 data is "archival" - not guaranteed.  Here the 
official record is certainly the office.  But it gives you a generally accurate
view of the endurance part.

The data from 1996 on is certainly supposed to be correct in every detail.  This should
exactly match the office.

4. You can't search the history for a rider or horse that was not active in 1996 or later. the archive
data from 1985-95 can be reached if the rider or horse is in the 1996 and on
data-  You look up the history up for the rider - then look for the pre 1995 horse in the 
list and click on the name to reach that horses record.  Unless a horse is active
after 1995 - there is no way to link back to a rider who was not active after 1995.

We will add this later but it's low on the list for now.

5.  The time zone info is really for the AERC International team zone regions - not
related to the clock...

6.  Publishing names allowed just means - It's OK to have my name in the members

7.  Do try to get your breed correctly for special breeds.  We can now give statistics
by breed easily and it will be nice for those groups to get an accurate view.

We hope the notifications/alerts are useful.

Mike and Russ

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