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Re: RC: Two things....

I like my Troxel.  Need to replace it.  I tried on the Dakota Trails and
liked the fit of it better than the Sport; better fitting system too.  They
normally run around $71 but Big Dee's has them for $59.95
(  I'm ordering one next week.

Bethany wrote:

>  Ok, this time I have a couple of questions.
>  First of all, I have had my Scott on 14% grain for a few
> months now, a friend of mine said this was better than 12%.
> But is this really too much?
>  Second thing. Either my head has shrunk or my Troxel has
> expanded. It is now too big and slips all around.
> So....let's break out the State Line Tack. Oh, so many
> choices. What's the top choice for safety while still
> keeping your head cool? Thanks in advance!
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