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Re: RC: Multi-day rides

Here's some info on multidays, written by Bev Gray:

Outlaw Trail ( ) is a fabulous ride, everybody 
should do it at least once!  The trail is absolutely incredible, all 5 days 
are 55 miles.  This is the one ride where I have said that if I could only 
do one ride a year, this would be it.  Last year my altimeter measured all 
5 days to have 62,000' of elevation total (gain and loss).  It's going to 
be different this year, I don't know if they have made it harder or 
easier.  It only has one basecamp now, so that will make it a lot easier.

The great thing with that ride, and with most multidays in 
start out slowly and carefully each day doing a long slow warmup.  One of 
the most important things is to pace, if you go slower to start with you'll 
finish the last day with a strong horse. But if you go too fast to start 
with, you may not finish all 5 days at all.  Then next would be to pay 
attention to every little detail, things that won't be a problem on a one 
day ride can really show up on multidays.  It helps to have a couple of 
different lengths (and/or kinds) of girths, saddle pads, etc. so that you 
can switch things around if need be.  "Improvise".  Use desetin before you 
need it on pasterns (you need to block the sun).  Don't worry so much about 
what your horse is eating, just that he IS eating......they learn pretty 
quickly how to take care of themselves on multidays.  These rides generally 
have only one vet check and the reason why so few horses have problems on 
these rides is because the riders are a lot more savvy and responsible than 
most one day riders.

If you do OT, you definitely need a breastcollar.  There are hills you'll 
climb on that ride that you won't see on any other endurance ride 
anywhere.  A crupper is probably helpful too, even if you don't normally 
use one.  Some other things I have found helpful that you wouldn't normally 
need on a one day ride:  silicone, protective boots for the horse, extra 
easyboots, holy water, ice boots.  Bring hiking boots in case you have 
trouble leading up and down steep hills with tennis shoes.  OT is a 
technical ride and mentally as well as physically challenging for a horse, 
at least for was a *great* ride for them in that respect.  It 
helps to ride with somebody to start with that has done it so you get the 
hang of following the trail markings.  You'll spend less time riding slower 
to do that than you will getting lost even once.

Don't forget to look back and watch the sun rise.  :+)  (or does that only 
apply if you are riding west?<G>)

Happy Trails,

in NV....suffering withdrawals, is there a support group for 2001XPers?

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