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Lost horse at XP found

Jonni (
Yes, Trinalynn came into camp as were were leaving on Sunday after awards
with her mare. I am not sure of all the deatails, but she had gottened
unseated from the mare on the last day, and it took off. Being a Mustang,
who had only been domisticated 3 years, there were worries she would take
up with a herd etc. She followed tracks I believe, then started asking
people. One person caught her, removed saddle, horse got away again,
anyway...a great story, that I wish I had more info...But she found her 17
miles from where they parted ways.

One of the best ideas I saw on the ride was to have your horses ID tag
braided into the mane. Tack can break and come off, but it would be harder
to have the braid get caught and ripped off the horses neck.


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