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Re: Dehydrated Ponies

Our experience with giving e-lyte paste to a dehydrated horse was to have
the horse go into thumps, progressing to colic, so I wouldn't recommend
this.  Wouldn't just plain water help?  Or your idea of offering both plain
and e-lyted water should help.
How are the ponies now, after being given water? If they're not sick, does
anything else need to be done, other than making sure they have plenty of


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> Sheila Noel
> A friend at work has a major disaster with his ponies over the weekend.
> They were at another farm and went for up to 4 days without water.
> (NO FLAMING PLEASE - Someone else was supposed to taking care of them)
> He's in a area of livestock vets and was advisied to give them e'lytes-
> paste type.  I'm not sure this is the best thing to do.  The ponies are
> still dehyrated.  I suggested free choice e'lytes in water and plain water
> free choice.  How about very wet beet pulp.  I know he doesn't grain much
> so I suggested no more that 2 quarts.  He has pasture but the pasture is
> dry.
> The vet didn't IV any of the ponies??? Not sure he would know to do that.
> The ponies were given water Sunday - so any suggestions would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Sheila
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