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Dehydrated Ponies

Sheila Noel
A friend at work has a major disaster with his ponies over the weekend.
They were at another farm and went for up to 4 days without water.
(NO FLAMING PLEASE - Someone else was supposed to taking care of them)
He's in a area of livestock vets and was advisied to give them e'lytes-
paste type.  I'm not sure this is the best thing to do.  The ponies are
still dehyrated.  I suggested free choice e'lytes in water and plain water
free choice.  How about very wet beet pulp.  I know he doesn't grain much
so I suggested no more that 2 quarts.  He has pasture but the pasture is
The vet didn't IV any of the ponies??? Not sure he would know to do that.

The ponies were given water Sunday - so any suggestions would be


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