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Re: coronet scar and horizontal crack

Michelle-  I am a farrier, and have dealt with an endurance horse with a
similiar looking problem, BUT, and this is a big but.....!  I would be
concerned about unforseen damage.  If you were serious about this horse, I
would have the foot x-rayed to see if there are any changes in the foot
itself - If not, and you like the horse, I would say you could put an egg
bar on it, get it cleaned up, and go with it.

My old mare came with a similiar wound, but it was in the front of the hoof
where there was little, if no, expansion of the wall.  Being in the
quarter/heel area is a little trickier.  Here is how I would evaluate this:

1. Is the horse lame now?
2. Has he been working at all and sound?
3. Does the area 'move' or 'give' when the horse is worked barefoot?
4.  What is the cause of the 'seepage' that appears in the second photo, and
can that be soaked or opened a little to alleviate the infection?
5. Is the horse positive to hoof testers- is he ouchie when a nail is driven
in the area?

Let us know what the vet says - it looks like an interesting project!

Laura Hayes AERC # 2741

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Subject: RC: coronet scar and horizontal crack

> Hi - Has anyone seen a horizontal crack at a horse's coronet from old
> scarring and was it fixable or just a long term heartbreaker?
> This is on a young distance prospect I'd like to buy if this is fixable:
> The hoof appears cracked in the picture, but there's just a top layer
> cracked.  The underlying hoof is in good shape.  My vet will look at it
> Monday, but it'd be great to hear from a distance rider who has dealt with
> this first hand.
> Thanks,
> Michelle
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