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Re: RC: Re: First Aid Kit Save the Day!

Actually, guys, "sugardine" (betadine & sugar mixed)
is in medical and nursing literature for treatment of
deep pressure sores (decubitus ulcers).  It has fallen
out of favor as research found that it caused cell
wall lysis (break the cell wall down) of the new
epithelial cells trying to fill in the wound.

Current thought for optimum wound healing (animal &
human) is to clean the wound out well with irrigation
and betadine at the time of injury.  Once the wound is
clean & healing, keep it covered and moist to allow
the new cells to "swim" into place and set up
housekeeping.  If you think a wound needs to be
sutured, do nothing to it - no dressings or ointments
or creams, and get the vet out ASAP.  Nobody wants to
suture a wound that is getting older.  It won't "take"

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
West Virginia
--- wrote:
> writes:
> << 
>  Isn't betadine sometimes combined with sugar?
>  Linda S. >>
> Uhhhhhh, not in human medicine, which is the only
> thing I know anything 
> about.  I mean, well, not the ONLY thing, but you
> know........  :-))
> pat

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