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RE: wanted: used saddle

I got a call from this person this weekend. I was looking for a SS also but
have already bought one. She has a brand new one for sale so I told her I
would pass the info on to other people. Thought you may be interested.

Bonnie Snodgrass

(her email to me)

	Hi Bonnie.  Here's the info you asked me to leave.  I have a 15 1/2
black, original Bob Marshall endurance sports saddle for sale.  The price is
$900 which includes shipping.  It has only been ridden in once, for about an

	My home email is; work is
	I can be reached late evenings at (262)594-5746; I'm in the
Milwaukee, Wi

	I will accept cashier's check for payment, and can ship the saddle
immediately upon receipt.  As I stated on the phone, the only reason I am
selling the saddle is to replace it with a more western type sports saddle.
I'm never riding a standard saddle again!

	Thanks for passing this along!  Andrea.

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Dorothy Clement
I'm looking for a used Genie Stewart-Spears (treeless) Endurance Sports
Saddle, preferably black 16". Please let me know if you have one. Thanks

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