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haggin cup winner

Hi all,

I didn't notice this mentioned before, but I'll throw it out there

The Haggin Cup winner, Fayette de Cameo who is 6 years old, ridden by
Cathy Rohm and owned by Potato is, as listed, Half Arabian. The OTHER
half is Shagya. She is by Carolyn Tucker's imported German bay Shagya
stallion *Oman, who sadly, passed away several weeks ago.

I was not there, but  would not doubt that she was probably fidgety or
whatever at that age. When this line finishes at rides it's often noted
that they should have gone farther. *Oman get are gentle and easy to
handle, but often spirited and, my personal experience with several of
them in addition to owning one, is that this line is slow to mature and
do so at about 7 or 8 or even 9, physically and mentally. There is a lot
of horse there. *Oman get take good care of themselves, have phenomenal
recoveries, and are just fantastic athletes regardless of the discipline
they participate in.

So, I congratulate Fayette, half sister to my guy! :)

Toni Jones and Shagya Stallion O'Biwon (*Oman x Aerial AF)
Central Oregon

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