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RE:Neoprene girth

Jonni (
>>>I will be trading my leather girth I got (and only used twice) in for
the Neoprene, but wanted to know if that would be best.<<<

Actually, I LOVE my leather girth. Yes, it takes care, cleaning etc., but
I have never had any sores from it. The heat does not build up as Neoprene
can on some horses, its smooth and does not pinch, as string girths can on
some horses, and it is easier to clean that "fuzzy" girths. I have one
horse who does react to the neoprene. Some call it an allergy, I think for
him, its just too hot. Others folks swear by mohair string girths, and
they work well for them. I have had pinching with them, as my horse has
those extra wrinkles in his "arm pits". (and yes, I always stretch his
legs out to remove the wrinkles from under the girth)  I used to use a
"fuzzy" girth for years, but they do attract burrs and stickers more
easily when going through tall brush etc.

The point is, find what works for YOUR horse. If there was one perfect
girth (or saddle, or pad, or bridle etc. etc. ) then we would all be using
the same things. Just because so and so has always used such and such
tack, does not mean it will work well for YOU. Also, what may work well on
a 1/2 hour ride in the neighborhood, may NOT work for you on a 50 mile

Good luck.
Jonni, Texas

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