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Re: RC: Horse Height Ads


I would agree with you, but height is a component that is necessary when a 
large, or tall person, is looking for a horse.  While a 15H Quarter Horse 
with substantial bone could carry my husband easily, a 17H fine boned 
Thoroughbred would not.  I was just trying to explain why someone would care 
about height to those who couldn't understand why anyone would care.  My 
325lb, 6'3" Hubby is easily carried by our almost 16H, 1100lb Arabian.  I 
don't know the size of his cannon bone, but I would venture it is close to 
8".  This horse carries him with ease.  When we look for a horse for him, we 
know the kinds of breeds that are capable of carrying him, and then we start 
with height and weight because these are at least indicators that can allow 
us to either further explore or pass.

Carolyn Burgess

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