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Re: RC: Re: Tevis Coverage

Deadwood and Michigan Bluff now up (some). I'm trying to
find out what happened to Marcia Smith and Bev Gray who
were running in front... booo... hope they reappear soon.
The radio guys aren't being given the out times from the
timers, so they can't tell us yet.

Couple more pulls at Deadwood/Dusty Corners also up.

Marcus, my hench man is doing a brilliant job on 
labelling the photos. He knows *nothing* about
horses, Tevis or riding, so I gave him a cheat
sheet on what the colours of horses were, so he
can cross-ref. them. Great job. And now we've
got his computer talking faster to the site.

Keep hitting refresh - he's working on the Squaw
5 and 6 right now. wrote:
> lucy,
> will we get through times for dusty corners soon?
> Melody

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person scrabbling around in the Sierra Nevada, CA 

Tevis coverage at:

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