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Pan Am equine massage anyone??

Hi Pan-Am-ers!

I am considering heading north for the Pan Am ride ~ August 20th to "do"
my equine sports massage therapy on your horses.  I am sure I know a lot
of you from past work/rides - at the OD, Biltmore and Florida's FOF.  You
know what a difference sports massage makes, I am sure - both before AND
after a ride - and all the horses will really need a loosening up after
all that trailering!!  If I am there, I am happy to do a free evaluation
of the horse, and my work goes as long as it takes - usually about and
hour and a half.

Are enough people interested in my services to warrant a trip from PA to
Woodstock...??  Please e-mail me privately if you are interested in an
equine sports massage.

AND, good luck to all!

Karen Zelinsky, ESMT

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