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RE: good old days

jewell hontz
I've been noticing that ride-camp seems to me anyway to be more
wishy-washy, mamby -pamby, oh boo-hoo, Can you help me? Waaaah Waaah
   If I wanted this I could go to my own barn.. or just talk to myself!
  I miss the old posts like Let's get real, and another one like, Who's
smoking what?  Let's get back to informed info from serious competitors
and let those of us who don't really know what were doing read and

Jewell Hontz
a whopping 104 ectra miles....all 25's figure that out...
   Thanks for teaching me to keep my mouth shut and pay attention
  And I tried to post this 3 times before it worked so I'll go back to
lurking and learning...

    Check it Out!    

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