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Keep PA State Game Lands Open To Horses

We really need support on this, folks. It stinks not to be able to ride
the game lands, which are across from my barn and my main riding area!
And I always bought a hunting liscense too. <sigh>  Please act.

Hello Equine-owner Friends,
The riding community must gather together and collectively have their
voice heard, or the Game lands maybe closed to
trail riding.
I have gathered some links for you to use at your convenience, when you
are ready to have your voice heard on this issue that is
important to you. Now is the time for you to speak to keep you and your
horse on the Gameland trails.  It is important that you
have a common issue.
Issue at Hand:  The closure of public lands to outdoor enthusiasts is
not acceptable.  The proposed Game Commission
regulation changes are not acceptable.  The closure dates are not
warranted and there are no designated trails for
horse or mountain bikes.  The Game Commission is trying to eliminate
recreational use to a select group of outdoor
For a list of State Senator email addresses, visit:
Also, you can save money by calling the local district office of your
legislators. These office numbers can be found at:
Project Vote Smart's Website 
Click on the following links in order: -"Candidates and Elected
Officials"- "State Legislators" - "Pennsylvania" -"Senate & House of
Representatives - by Last Name" - find and click on your legislator's
Keep in mind that legislators listen to personal visits, phone calls and
handwritten letters much more than they listen to form letters,
post cards and  especially email and petitions.
Visit the PEN Issues and Links page at 
and go to the bottom, where you'll find links to state
government websites. The Pennsylvania general Assembly website will
bring you to PA House and Senate pages where you can
find your legislator's official sites. Also, the Electronic Bill Room
allows you to look up any current bills in the Pennsylvania State
We have a NEW ally.  Please visit Tim Cusick, International Mountain
Bike Association, at 
So get at it, be direct to the point and site examples of correct usage.
Good Luck,
Pete Johnson
P.E.C. State Trail chairperson

We would like to request your assistance in keeping the lands that are
controlled by the Pennsylvania Game Commission open to horseback riding. 

Several different proposals and alterations have come from the
Pennsylvania Game Commission on this topic. However, the vast thrust of
the rule making is to exclude horses and riders from game lands and
trails. Options such as: use of a few arbitrary posted roads or trails
for non-hunter use, Sunday use only, 
or just two months of the summer, contribute to diminished riding areas
in the game lands. 

Many people live next to or nearby game lands and own property and
acreage that is still open to hunting at this time. They live where they
do because they enjoy riding and utilizing game lands. Most riders are
mature individuals who care about nature and wildlife. When riding, they
help to reduce incidents of motorized vehicle abuse, fires, vandalism
and rowdy gatherings, all to benefit the game lands and game commission. 

Leisurely horseback riding is the largest, segment of a huge economical
industry in Pennsylvania.  People who own one to four (1 to 4) horses
purchase a great dollar value in goods in Pennsylvania. They are very
respectful of the outdoors and others; and deserve to continue to ride
on Pennsylvania State Game Lands. 

Your help will be greatly appreciated by the riders and voters in


 Helga Loncosky
THE ARCHIVAL MORGAN RECORD--Registry for Foundation and Half-Morgans
Beacon Morgan Horses

The path of least resistance is what makes rivers and men crooked.

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the
inside of a man"--Winston Churchill

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