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Re: XP Ride - I am disgusted

From: <>

> I have discouraged discussion on Ridecamp because it is not the
proper forum for this particular discussion.  In general yes, about
what to do when horses die or get in severe trouble, but not
specifically about this particular instance.

Why???  I have been subscribed to ridecamp since '97 and there have
been many "particular discussions" discussed here about many
*individual* people and *individual* circumstances.  There is no
difference in this "particular instance" except that it is something
that some people would like to hide about this sport.  If we don't
talk about it - it will go away.

>While there was no action underway because there was no protest,
there is indeed an investigation going on.

That's not what Mr. Barnett wrote in his post to me.  That's not what
Mr. Fleming wrote in his post to me.  (I still have those posts.)

> By the way it is >Dr. Flemming and Dr. Barnett.

Oh really??  You mean when I looked up their names in Endurance News
to get their addresses - that's what the "Dr." meant????  Are they not
also men, as in males???  That's what the "Mr." means.

>I'm sorry I have not identified my emails, but I stupidly, or perhaps
arrogantly, expect that everyone in endurance riding >knows me.  If I
can figure out how, I will put an automatic signature on my emails
from now on.

Oh, I/we know who you are.  It's just that when you have emailed me
privately, you can never seem to type your name afterward or even an
initial - nothing.

> I am all for an exchange of information from everyone, AERC member
or not, however, when people talk about the AERC >Board, AERC rules,
etc., I think they should be members.  As a board member, I am
supposed to represent the AERC and >its membership, not people who
can't even bother to pay their dues and join.
> I have ridden endurance for 28 years and don't think that I treat
those with a few miles as if they don't have a right to voice >an
opinion, however, having a right to voice an opinion and knowing what
you are talking about are two different things.  If I >see something
on Ridecamp about conditioning or feeding or something of that nature
that I think is way off the mark, I would >just be interested in
seeing how many miles the person has actually ridden.

That's why MANY people never post.  They feel intimidated by the
mileage gods and godesses.  Somehow it always comes down to the badge
of endurance miles and years of endurance experience in measuring
another person's knowledge.  Never mind that a few other disciplines
come into play to make a well rounded endurance horse.  Maybe we need
two Ridecamps - one for the wise and learned ones, and one for the
rest of us bumpkins.

Linda Hedgpeth
Janesville, CA

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