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Re: Re: AERC and charges

Howard wrote:
> My problem lies with the riders, who attend AERC rides, who are not
members of AERC.  During the discussion of the mare who dies at the NASTR
ride, I noticed that the owner of the horse was not a member of AERC and
it's one of the reasons charges were not made/filed against her.  Evidently,
you can't file them against someone who doesn't belong to AERC.  I do think
the BOD should consider closing that loophole somehow.

Has the BOD considered requiring that one must be a member of AERC in order
to compete in a sanctioned endurance ride?  (By waiving the requirement for
shorter distances, we would avoid discouraging newcomers doing LD miles.)

That seems to be the only way we can have any leverage in dealing with
riders who abuse their horses, whose horses get into serious trouble and are
denied needed treatment, etc.


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