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RE: Saddle too wide.. So Change It

Hey Bonnie
Had one other person tell me that she was able to get her Solstice widened..
had no idea english trees could be changed like that! I grew up in a western
saddle. :)  Thanks for the info..  my saddle is at the ASC saddler right now -
so I hope he can do it!  Thanks for the advice..


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It seems to be a little known fact that english saddles with decent trees
can be widened and narrowed. I've had it done on one saddle and will
probably have another one done for me. I have two Smith-Worthington saddles,
both of which were med-wide width trees when purchased. I had my dressage
saddle widened to an extra wide by Smith-Worthington and have been very
pleased with the results. It cost about $80 to do. Whole lot cheaper than a
new saddle. They are in Hartford, Connecticut. There is a saddler in NJ that
has the same machine and the company that makes the flair panel saddles also
has one.


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