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lesson 4 and the Thong

Carla Lawson
First I will tell you about lesson four....This is very hard to
explain...I feel like we redid lesson three
or lesson three was repeated. It had been over two weeks since my last
lesson. My Brother got married
so I had to go to that...(I am really beginning to hate weddings!) Oh By
the way Robert and I celebrated
ten years of Marriage by looking for a motel, and griping at each other
because of the heat.
What is it with Northerners and the AC units???? Do you folks just not
care for them?
It was a repeat of three but there was more drills added. When working on
the trot I find I can't keep
my hands very steady.. I also can't seem to get switching Diagonals down
when posting the trot. Could
explain the foot numbness..(duh!) So we are working on that. I finally got
my horse to Relax her poll at
the walk.......yippieeee no head in my face. However we have to go out and
get a running martingale since
Ansata likes to avoid the bit in the walk to trot transition...there goes
the head again.... this is getting
harder to remember all these lessons does anyone have any idea to help the
old memory?
We also are supposed to work on Lateral movements this week. I have so
many buttons being currently
installed on my nag that I am trying to figure out which button goes know kind of like
figureing out all the fuse box switches and then forgeting to mark them..
okay this one goes to the left
this one goes no this one goes this way and that one goes this
way...if I do this..crap no thats
all wrong...arrrghhhh....I know this has to get easier...and it isn't
going to be easy to begin with. But
Ansata is such a trooper...bwesss her widdle wovvin heart..guess It was me
allll along...Mary
Twelveponies was right...its not the horse its the rider.
Never listen to an asummably good, fashionably concious friend when they
reccomend you where
something that will not only make you look better but is supposeably to
make you ohhh so comfortable
STICK with what you know when it comes to underwear...esp if this friend
has a skinny butt and not a gifted person like myself. I have to
wonder what idiot invented this
form of human underwear torture? She swore by them that they were sooo can't even
tell they are there...that NOOOOO pantie lines...of course there are no
panty lines..because it is imbeds
itself in the crack of the butt. Not only does it do that, it also makes
itself known that it is there. Unlike
the testimonys provided by my friend. Myhusband calls it butt floss, He
Aint kidding. This thing is
more like the plumbers revenge on all the "just say no to crack" tee
shirts showing a plumber in the
plumbing position. Yep all I need to do is get the butt to gargle and I am
ready for bed...I am already
flossed. Needless to say yep no tan lines...but very very very lacking in
the comfort zone. I give it four
hooves down. I tried them for a few me a guenia if
you do dressage and are really
hoping to hide it they work..But DO NOT (note warning here) Do not ride in
humidity. Excess sweat can
cause the Thong to acutally become a part of the human body. I tried
shifting here and there, pulling
and tugging to relocate it to various other places but it still worked its
way into the obvious place.
well needless to say they can make a great emergency end over
the neck the other over the
nose and they come in many colors, sizes that you can fit a mini pony or a
huge draft...They are cheap
too you can buy a pack of them at wally world! I'll just stick with my
cotton undies...lines and all.
Carla (I need to find new friends!)
Ansata (This new halter is pretty....its pink satin!)
Haley (yeah mine is cotton with flowers)
Rob (I see you quit walking funny...)

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