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4th dressage lesson/bad pony

 Carla;You are too much!!!  If you are havin a problem with the  lessons' have you tried a Sally Swift video? she helps a lot. I had my little 5 year old daughter in the round pen last week, and we were  practicing growing "her legs down like roots of the tree, and her body up like branches of a tree",  and then she did this riding with one arm stretched over her head, then the other, and she had her chest out like a "Queen of California", 'cause you gotta start em young in L.A.   And then I said "Shoulderblades!!!" in my best German accent like my dear instructor Sylke Hillmer who used to make me ride with a dressage whip tucked between my elbows behind my back sitting at the trot with heels down. She had the best Abdominal Six-pack muscles I have ever seen, and never went to the gym, plus I am sure she had a thong on. And then the pony got sick of it all and bolted, luckily on the loungeline which gave me ropeburned and numb fingers as I thought, "Oh shit there goes my daughter getting bucked off !", as the very well trained and schooled pony went one two three buck and I was yelling "WHOA!"    Guess what, My daughter did not fall off!! A tribute to Sally Swift, another wise older horsewoman.  My kid rode that buck like Larry Mahan thank you very much.  So I would recommend that. And to make this endurance related, when the pony dies,( she's 30) or maybe sooner, I'll get another endurance horse!   Beth

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