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Re: RC: 2001 Tevis Coverage - Yay!!

Just wanted to give a BIG thanks for all your work, I'm lucky enough to actually be at Tevis this year, but my family will be glued to the puter for sure.

Thanks in advance, I 'm sure you will do great!

Jennifer Kurtzhall wrote:

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
Once again, I'm planning on spending next weekend clambering
around the Sierra getting grubby, doing web coverage of this
year's Tevis.

The first pics should appear as soon as I can get down from
Squaw and drive over the mountains (~10 am?), at:

Let me know, as always, of any special "thing" you'd like
me to keep an eye out for. High on my list for this year
is looking out for Steve Elliot on Bob Walz's Kentucky
Mountain gaited horse, Odom's Raven.

* * *

My new digital camera is being shipped (my old one finally died
a death), and assuming all goes well, I'm planning to be up at
Robie on Friday afternoon taking pics, then moving to Squaw
High Camp for dawn on Saturday.

This year I have the luxury of having a tech-person lined up
to do all the uploading and tweaking, so I can spend more time
driving about taking pics. Good stuff.

The new camera should take better quality pics too, instead of
the tiny scrotty ones of past years. You may actually even be
able to download them and print them out like real photos. Kind

I'm also hoping to get to Deadwood/Devil's Thumb and maybe
Michigan Bluff, time permitting.

* * *

What else? I'm involved in trying to get the rider info from
Net Control in Auburn up to the hand-inputted leaderboard
at Foresthill.

It's not in place yet, so fingers crossed. I'm in need of a
diplomatic data-inputter who can email things to some other
volunteers in Foresthill. So if anyone has a dull afternoon
planned on Saturday and could be in the Auburn vicinity, please
let me know...?

If it comes off, we'll try and post some of that data on the
site as well, assuming we're not tied up with pics.

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Garden Valley (Sierra Foothills), CA

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