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RE: Supercor endurance cool-grip pads

Very nice pad. We used this alone under one of the RP saddles after soring
one of our horse's backs (the spine area) with the Sport Saddle (hwt rider).
The pad we used was the all plastic one (no fabric or felt on the bottom or
top) - I did cut the trim off of it though, because it was getting stiff
from dirt and sweat and I was worried that it would rub. Looked like hell
afterwards, but a little duct tape did the trick :) Others have had no
problem with the trim though. Nice pad. I've actually put a thermometer
under the pad and the back would cool down to 94-95 degrees when we started
trotting- must be the air conditioning effect from all the air moving
through the honey comb. The other pad we used was the DM no-sweat vent pad.
Did 900 miles, no rubbing. Kept the tack clean and unless the horses were
really dusty/dirty from the night before their backs stayed clean too.


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Cindy Collins
OK,  here we go again.  Now that Supercor has been out a while AND since
several riders used them on the 2001 XP, I'd really like to hear how folks
using these pads liked, or didn't like them.  What adaptations did you
have to make and how did you make them?  Did you use them alone or with
other pads?  I am thinking about trying one, but they are so expensive
that I want all the experienced input possible... Especially from 100
milers and multi-day riders.  I'm ~ 150 lbs. using a dressage type saddle.
Thanks.  Cindy

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