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Re: RC: Saddle too wide..

Julienne,  I also have a Solstice that fit when I got it, then seemed too 
narrow as the horse developed more muscling.  I talked to Steve at Arabian 
Saddle Co.  He is their saddler.  He said he could do some adjustment on the 
tree itself.  I sent the saddle in, and got it back in ten days.  (He said it 
was a slow time, if I could get it to him right away he could get me a good 
turnaround.  Can't do any better than that-six of those days were travel 
time!)  He adjusted the tree and added a little flocking for about $150.  and 
shipping back.  The saddle was a standard tree, and now it is a wide tree.  
My mare seems happy with it, too.  Try e-mailing them or calling them through 
the info on the web site.  they were very prompt with a reply, and very 
helpful.  And need I mention again--FAST?   Good luck, jeri

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