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re:lightning, metal buildings etc

I just read the local Horsetrader magazine and it has an article for the
horseowner about lightening, thought it would be appropriate to pass along
the info to the list.  I hope this is OK and I do not in any way mean to be
insensitive to Kristen and what she's going thru.

- put a lightning rod system on your barns & shelters
- if it is storming hard & you are caught out, get a distance away from your
horse as horses draw lightning more than people do - you are safer away from
your horse
- if you are struck or your horse is struck, be very careful because metal
objects like shoes and cinch rings can be burned or damaged (for ex., the
cinch ring may be branded onto your horse)
- if your horse is struck, be very careful about trying to move and inspect
the horse.  there may be injuries you can't see and the horse may fall on
you and/or further injure himself.
- "clear sky" lightning is the most dangerous - i.e. when lightning is
coming from a clear sky

And then there were obvious things like watch for flash flooding, stay off
ridges, away from trees, away from electric lines...


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