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Dances with Horses

Title: Dances with Horses

Jim – “Dances with Horses” is not Pat Parelli.  I believe you are confusing him with Frank Bell.

All these big name trainers do have their roots.  They all have different ways of expressing themselves and get cute little catch phrases.

People always ask what method I use in training my 4 y.o., Parelli, John Lyons?….  I just say – just “one step at a time”.

I started my mare AFTER I bitted her – and she’s my first horse I started…learned a lot.  Didn’t know hardly anything back then.

I started this 4 y.o. in January –still haven’t gotten a bit in his mouth because he’s earshy.  His “one step at a time” is different than my maress.  Two totally different horses and I have since taken some PNH so I feel a little more confident in my own body cues.  Got a bridle over his head last week – one more step.

So who cares who’s the latest guru.  They all have a little different techniques than each other.  But I just feel that it just enhances my “bag of tricks” to observe and learn what these guys are advocating. 

(No I didn’t get my PNH Level One yet.)


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